Terms and conditions

Thank you for visiting our terms and conditions! We will provide the best and excellent services ever to our users either its buyer or a seller but in order to get best WorksBuy services, make sure to read all these terms and conditions very carefully.

The term user referred to both buyer and seller throughout the whole terms and conditions.

General User responsibilities

  • Users can use the website as a works marketplace, where they may buy or sell works but are forbidden to use it for fraudulent means, promotional activity or any other discreditable purposes.
  • It is forbidden to indulge in any activity which might disrupt the website's functionality.
  • Attachment or upload of any irrelevant or malicious files anywhere on the website is strictly forbidden.
  • WorksBuy prohibits users from sharing any personal contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and Skype IDs, etc.
  • Extracting data from the website for marketing, advertisement and commercial purposes, etc, or for use on any other websites is strictly prohibited.
  • Transfer of a WorksBuy account to another party without the consent of WorksBuy support team is NOT allowed.
  • WorksBuy restricts Users from gathering User Information from the WorksBuy website.

Posting and content policy

By signing up to WorksBuy, you agree to post information or content on website which is original and true. While publishing a work, the content used must be original and not malicious in any way. You must agree to use good sense of judgment while posting reviews, feedbacks, information and remarks to other users.

WorksBuy will not be held responsible for any malicious content posted by any other user or third party, even if such information or content is offensive or otherwise legally actionable. WorksBuy will not be held responsible for the monitoring of any malicious information or content or censoring such content for precision.

Nevertheless, WorksBuy reserves the right to remove or restrict any information or content from the website including any sort of Work if WorksBuy deems the published Work to be opposing to the terms and conditions of the website.

Feedbacks and rating

You agree that you transfer copyrights for the feedbacks and reviews you use on WorksBuy. You agree that all feedbacks you use in comments and the ratings you allot to other sellers belong solely to WorksBuy.

You must not use these feedback and ratings on the website in any way inconsistent with the policies of the website. Your feedback is our entity and must not be used in the website for any other reason apart from facilitating the provision of seller services via website. You agree to contact Customer support if there is any violation of the feedback and ratings system and agree not to do anything that affects the integrity of the feedback system, including but not limited to the following:

  • Leaving fake and inaccurate feedback of other sellers.
  • Leaving positive feedback of yourself or using a fake account or from another member account.
  • Plead with another WorksBuy user to leave a dishonest feedback or a feedback that does not reflect the true feedback the user wanted to leave.
  • Threatening other users to leave positive feedback on their Work and inducing them to perform a task that is not part of the agreed contract.
  • Retaining funds and forcing other users to leave a positive feedback.

To maintain the integrity of feedback and ratings system, WorksBuy retains the right to remove any ratings or feedbacks.

Cheating the system

The rules and regulations laid down by WorksBuy are to be considered absolute. Anyone found trying to bypass the system or violate its policies will be penalized according to the severity of the violation.


Plagiarism found in any form is highly unacceptable and considered as a violation of WorksBuy Terms and Policies. A Seller found practicing plagiarism will face immediate account Suspension. Make sure the content you provide to the Buyer is 100% plagiarism free and must pass every type of plagiarism checking software like Turnitin and Copyscape. Perpetual violation of the Plagiarism Policy may result in permanent account termination.

Re-Publishing (Duplication) of Work

By using WorksBuy service you confirmed that you will buy any work only for reference and helping material, buying someone else work and then republish it again on WorksBuy platform for sale is totally against WorksBuy Policy. Anyone found doing this would be penalized according to Severity of violation and it may lead to permanent Ban of account.

Suspension and Permanent Ban Polices

Violation of any WorksBuy policy may lead to temporarily suspension or permanent ban of account, Suspension or ban of account depends upon severity of violation. Supension of account can be from 1 day to Multiple days depending upon the decision of WorksBuy QA team. During suspension period if any buyer purchase any of your work, you will not be paid for that work. On the other hand, if account is permanently banned all your works would become WorksBuy property and you will not be get paid for any work forever.

Claim Policy

A work less than of $10 can’t be claimed.

A work more than of $10 can be claimed which would be then completely reviewed by QA team and take decision according to WorksBuy Claim policies.

Work Publishing

By publishing your work, you confirmed following things:

  • Your work doesn’t contain anything inappropriate.
  • It didn’t contain anything that’s hurts people religiously, socially, legally or in any matter.
  • Your work contains NO Plagiarism.
  • Your work didn’t contain any nudity or pornography content.
  • Your work didn’t contains anything that is against the US Laws.

To publish your work, you have to fill the form providing details about your work. Once a work had been published and it is submitted to WorksBuy Quality Assurance Team, you can’t modify it. So pay more attention to fill the required fields before publishing your work, Make Sure WorksBuy QA team have equal right to remove your work anytime regardless it is approved or pending.

Services offered by company

Our company will provide the service to each user either as buyer or seller. Claims regarding the work would be entertained as per Q&A decision.

Purpose of Works

Each work uploaded on WorksBuy platform would be used by Buyers for research purposes or reference material only. Its user (Buyer or Seller) responsibility to make sure that using WorksBuy services doesn’t violate the school or university academic rules. User shall not violate any copyright infringements.

Fee and Payments

All prices should be set by seller, WorksBuy would charge its service fee each time the work is downloaded. WorksBuy team have equal rights to cancel approval or remove work anytime upon cost issues regardless of work is pending or approved. It is recommended to make Works Fee as low as possible.

Refunds for Claims

WorksBuy will cope with its users in all matters, In case of any claim for a work, WorksBuy QA team would review the whole work and take decision regarding claim accepted, declined or partially accepted and the decision took by WorkBuy QA team would not be challenged in any case. Upon acceptance of the claim money would be refunded to Buyer and a Seller would be penalized according to the severity of issue. NOTE: Pending Works can’t be claimed, however you can register a complaint against that work.

Limitations of liability

Upon using the service of WorksBuy platform User’s agrees that he/she will not harm any rule or system in any aspect including

  • Misuse of the work.
  • Doing anything that creates problems for anyone.

WorksBuy is not liable in any way where the user

  • Suffers any undesirable circumstance after selling or purchasing the Work.
  • He/She didn’t get the desired outcomes.

We are not responsible in delayed delivery of products in case of some technical error persists like problems in internet service or mail server error.

User is fully responsible for each and every type of consequences which could arise from illegal or unethical material.